SmartLF Scan! 24" scanner


  • Scan up to A1/Arch D
  • Only 11.5 lbs
  • Free rugged carrycase included.

SmartLF Scan! 36" scanner


  • Scan up to A0/Arch E
  • Only 15.4 lbs
  • Free rugged carrycase included.

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All-in-one scanning when you need it

Finally, a true low cost wide format scanner! If you´re in the market for a portable blueprint scanner, a construction scanner or even a cloud scanner, you will find the SmartLF a truly portable large format scanner. A multifunction scanner designed for use at your home office, in your office or on site.
Compact. Light. Easy to use. Portable. Self-contained.
The scanner comes complete with a sturdy, wheeled carry case for ultimate portability.
SmartLF Scan! is a revolution in wide-format scanning.
With 24" and 36" options, SmartLF Scan! helps you collaborate with partners and will revolutionize your projects. 

Wide format and light weight

From only 15.4 lbs, there has never been a more compact and yet light weight wide format scanner on the market.
Looking for an A0 scanner? An A1 scanner? Even a 24 or 36 inches scanner? The SmartLF is not a large scanner but it is a large document scanner – designed to fill your wide scanning needs. While other large paper scanners are bulky and not very handy the SmartLF is a big scanner on the inside but light and handy on the outside.

Plug and play

  • Plug it in

    SmartLF Scan! requires no drivers, making it incredibly easy to install and start using. Plug it into 110/240 volt or even through an adapter to 12V/24V from your car.
  • Turn it on

    Choose to scan to a USB drive, remote via your Smartphone and share via email, dropbox etc. or through the network. Collaborate. Mark up drawings. Scan the original and share with your colleagues, then work online.
  • Start scanning

    Load your blueprints or any sized paper; A4, A3, A2, A1 and even A0 into your scanner and press the green “go” – and you are on your way to keep better records or document “as built” changes with your project members.

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